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"Parliamentary Democracy
The Role of The Judiciary"

CMJA Conference

Port Moresby,
Papua New Guinea

8-12 SEPTEMBER 2019

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8 June 2018
The Southern African Chief Justice Forum (SACJF) issued an Exit Statement on their Mission to Seychelles. Click here for the Statement.

9 May 2018
The Southern African Chief Justices Forum (SACJF) issued a statement about the situation of the Chief Justice of Lesotho. Click here for the Statement.

14 April 2018
The Judiciary of Nauru issued a Statement following the press releases in early April about the Removal of Appeals to the High Court of Australia.
Click here for the Press Release.

11 January 2018 -

Judicial Conference of Australia issues a media statement:

Judges and Magistrates Should not be Collateral Damage in Political Dispute.
Click here
for the Statement.



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November 2018

CLA, CLEA and CMJA issues Statement on threat to Judges and Lawyers in Asia Bibi's case in Pakistan. Click here for Statement

September 2018
CMJA issues a Statement on the Suspension of the Chief Justice of Lesotho. Click here for the Statement


May 2018
CLA, CLEA and CMJA issue a Statement in Support of the Chief Justice of Lesotho. Click here for the Statement.

April 2018
CLA, CLEA and CMJA issue a Statement in Support of the Judiciary in Seychelles. Click here for the Statement.

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), London
The CMJA was represented at the Commonwealth Fora held in the wings of the CHOGM by Dr Karen Brewer Secretary General. Dr Brewer made contributions from the floor at the Women's Forum. In addition, the CMJA, as a member of the Latimer House Working Group was involved in the Panel session at the People's Forum (civil society) on Separation of Powers, Former Director of Studies and member of the Working Group, Hon. Keith Hollis spoke ont the panel about the importance of ensuring that the Commonwealth Latimer House Toolkit was used out by Commonwealth governments and about the importance of protecting judicial officers at the lower level who are not covered by constitutional norms. Other panellists included, Lady Hale, President of the UK Supreme Court who spoke about the importance of diversity in judicial appointments and a system based on merit, The Rt. Hon. Angelo Farrugia, Speaker of the Malta Parliament who spoke about the importance of an independent parliament with its own resources. Mrs Cheryl Dorall. Commonwealth Journalists Association stressed the role of the media as an oversight mechanism in the separation of powers. The session was chaired by Mr Mark Guthrie, Acting Head of the Rule of Law Section of the Commonwealth Secretariat. We are grateful to Mrs Katherine Eden Haig, former CEO and Secretary General of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association for all her assistance with the organisation of this session with the Commonwealth Foundation.

CMJA Council Member from Canada, Justice Lynne Leitch, was appointed to the First Advisory Board of the Global Judicial Integrity Network which was launched in Vienna. Austria on 9-10 April 2018.

The CMJA former Director of Studies, Hon. Keith Hollis, organised a Panel Session on behalf of the CMJA at the Conference launching the Global Judicial Integrity Network on "A Trade-Off? Balancing Independence and Accountability" . Panellists included Justice Charles Mkandawire, Council member for Malawi and Justice Lynne Leitch. Reporting back, Justice Mkandawire indicated that the session had been extremely well attended and the issues raised, in particular the status of magistrates and the need to follow due process to be followed when disciplining judicial officers were of particular concern to those participating.

March 2018
CMJA holds a Training Course on Case Management, Judicial Ethics and Independence for judges and magistrates in Banjul, The Gambia from 20-22 March 2018. The CMJA is the first organisation to run a Commonwealth programme in Banjul since they re-joined on 8 February 2018. We are very grateful to the UK Cabinet Office, especially the Commonwealth Summit 2018 Unit and the British High Commission in Banjul for all their support of this programme. Click here to see the video

February 2018
CMJA held its second Training Course on Case Management and Judicial Ethics jointly with the UK Civil Service College. Judicial Officers from Singapore, England and Wales, Isle of Man, Ghana and Barbados.

CLA, CLEA and CMJA issue a Statement in support of the Judiciary in Kenya

January 2018
CMJA former Executive Vice President, Sir Henry Brooke passes away (see obituary in the Times)

December 2017
Lady Brenda Hale,
President of the UK Supreme Court
becomes Patron of the CMJA Endowment Trust

November 2017
Chief Magistrate Matankiso Nthunya represented the CMJA at the East African Magistrates and Judges Conference held in Kigali, Rwanda.

October 2017
Justice Charles Mkandawire represented the CMJA at the UNODC's consultation on the Judicial Global Integrity Network in Windhoek, Namibia, in October 2017.

The CMJA Secretary General represented the CMJA at the Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting in The Bahamas where she spoke abou the activities of the CMJA since the last meeting in Botswana. Click here for the Outcome Statement.

The CMJA Secretary Genera, Dr Brewer, l paid a courtesy visit the East African Court of Justice in Arusha and met with the President of the Court, Hon. Justice Dr Emmanuel Ugirashebuja, the Registrar of the Court, Mr Yufnailis Okubo and the Deputy Registrar, Mrs Geraldine Umugwaneza. The East African Court of Justice is currently the only Institutional Member of the CMJA and Dr Brewer expressed her gratitude to the Court and individual judges at for their support of the aims of the Association. She also learned more about the workings fo the Court.


Previous reports on activities: Click here






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