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Principles and Declarations
The Commonwealth Principles (Latimer House) on the Three Branches of Government
(includes the Latimer House Guidelines on Parliamentary Supremancy and Judicial Independence, the Nairobi Plan of Action for Africa and the Edinburgh Plan of Action for the Development and Implementation of the Commonwealth Latimer House Principles).

Copies available from the CMJA or click here to access the documents.

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CMJA Journal

Annual subscription to the CMJA Journal and Newsletter

£40 including postage

Manuals and Toolkits

A Guide for the Magistrate in the Commonwealth: Fundamental Princples and Recommended Practices
(formerly "The Magistrate in the Commonwealth : A Training Manual")
Published August 2016
Available in hard copy (£5.00) or CD (£5.00). Both versions £10.00
Available free to Individual Members on the Membership Area


Gender and Human Rights Toolkit
Containing the International/Commonwealth regional instruments for use by paralegals/lawyers and judicial officers. Updated 2010. CD version only. Price £10.00.

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Reports on Seminars/Conferences/Meetings

Parliamentary Supremacy and Judicial Independence - report of the proceedings of the Joint Collquium 1998 edited by John Hatchard and Peter Slinn, published by Cavendish Publishing - price £10.

The role of the judiciary in developing and maintaining a Vibrant Human Rights Environment in the Commonwealth. Report on the seminar held in Cyprus in 1998 - price £5.00

Report on the Gender and Human Rights Workshop - Nadi, Fiji, 2004. Hard copy only. Price £10.00.

The Report from the Colloquium on the Implementation of the Commonwealth (Latimer House) Principles - July 2008. Price £10.00.

Reports on former Triennial Conferences held in Turks and Caicos (2009) Toronto (2006), Malawi (2003), Edinburgh (2000), South Africa (1997), Zimbabwe (1994), Sydney (1991). Hard copy £20.00 (+ £2.00 postage). CD version available for the Toronto Conference only £10.00.


The report on the Turks and Caicos Conference

"Justice for the Next Generation. The Protection and Promotion of Judicial Independence and a Colloquium on the Child and the Law (jointly with UNICEF)", held from 26 September to 23 October 2009.Hard Copies cost £20.00 each (+ £2.00 additional heavy item postage). CD Copies cost £10.00.


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Free to members (or £10.00 per copy)

Last issue Volume 23, No 1, June 2017


Chief Justice Hassan Jallow
Sir John Fieldsend
Back to Basics: A Canadian Judge's Journey Observations in International Huamn Rights Protection, Dallas K. Miller
The Rule of Law - Judicial Independence and Accountability,
David Doyle
International Commercial Courts as the Third Alternative: Are Litigants Spoilt for Choice?, Gareth Seah and Choong Yeow Choy
The Transformation of the Judiciary in Uganda, Bart Katureebe
The Use of Non-Local Judges in Overseas Jurisdictions, Joseph Fok
A Stage in teh Tribunal de Grand Instances, Lyon, Nic Madge

Law Reports:
Orozco v Attorney General (Commonwealth Lawyers Association and Others, Interested Parties)- Belize
Ghana Bar Association and Others v Attorney General and Another Sky v Attorney General, Danso -Acheampong v Attorney General.

Book Reviews:
Law and War: Magistrates in the Great War,
Jonathan Swan
Judicial Accountability in the New Constitutional Order
Edited: Jill Cotterell Ghai

Sample copy of the Editorial - click here

Previous volumes available - click here to join or request information on subscriptions or costs of copies of individual journals.

If you are a legal or judicial officer and would like to contribute to the journal please click here for ways to contribute and contact the Editor on: info@cmja.org

Free to members

Last issue Volume 41, May 2017


1 Editorial
2 Queen's Commonwealth Day Message
3 Judicial Independence Issues
4 Building an Effective Accountable and Inclusive Judiciary
5. change of Title for the Australian Magistracy
6 Commonwealth Law Conference: Thriving in a Global World: Building on the Rule of Law
7. 17th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World.
8. New Members
9. Diary of Events

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